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Andhra Pradesh education is a much sought after, offering education in the form of various degree courses and programs to different parts of the world. Andhra Pradesh is basically a south Indian state and the capital city of this place is Hyderabad.

The bordering states include chattisgarh, Maharashtra and orrisa which are itself some of the well known nations serving education to students of every interest. There are over 20 educational institutes for higher education in Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, the state has made strides in setting up several more institutes of higher education which have set a standard of education in front of previously established educational institutes.

The regional and official language of the Andhra Pradesh is Telugu but due to the other linguistic groups in the state, there are speakers of Urdu and Hindi too and these languages are mainly used in universities, schools and colleges for teaching. Education in Andhra Pradesh is offered through many renowned universities and colleges. From schools to top universities and educational institutes, Andhra Pradesh educational sources offer the best quality education.

The government of this place has been doing a lot for the improvement of education in different parts of the place. From the rural to urban areas, education is now a major topic of concern and is given wide acceptance in every part of Andhra Pradesh. Apart from educational schemes organized for students welfare and ease, the mid-day meal is also one of the most well known and has proved highly beneficial for many because a large number of people in villages under Andhra Pradesh are under poverty line due to which thy cannot access a healthy and sufficient meal.

Andhra Pradesh Education System

Andhra Pradesh education system has undergone many changes which have proved to be highly beneficial not only for the universities and colleges but also for students. When it comes to school education, the state is doing significant work to improve educational scenario at primary level. Initiatives have been taken to facilitate primary education to all levels of society. At primary level, education for students in Andhra Pradesh is made free and the initiatives taken to improve Andhra Pradesh education system by the state government over the past few decades have been found productive.