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All the data stated with indiaedumart; is unique and informative where we not allow any of the third party or other associates to get copy our content or maltreat with our website. On finding which we are open to take legal action against the same. Similarly; we also not allow our online visitors to use our website's content for any of the marketing or advert tool. Secondly; there are numbers of outgoing links have been available in the website as education resources; where we are not responsible for any of loss being occurred by the use of that links.

Data and information that the user provides when register ion or publish it in your profile, not by the portal used for any other purposes. User registration gives consent to the storage of data on the portal. The operator also reserves the right to access any information that users put on the site, whether publicly or privately, and in full. User your registration entitles the operator to the newsletter.

In any case personal data such as name, address or e-mail address may be stored. We use the Internet as usual cookies in your internet browser. These small files are stored on your computer and hold down the general usage data, but do not allow direct conclusions about your name or your person. Cookies are used on the vast majority of web pages by default. Usually accept browser cookies but they can also subsequently delete, released only on demand or fully disabled. Some of our services, you cannot fully appreciate then, however. Additionally, we include on our pages using markers - known as web beacons - for example, how often they are generally accessed and clicked. This is done without intervention and conclusion to your computer.

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