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Karnataka education has witnessed rapid growth in the number of educational institutes and colleges. Education plays an important role in every individuals life because it represents your future and career growth. Karnataka education is known for its excellent educational environment in the southern Asia, ranked highest in number of professional colleges.

There is a large list of colleges in Karnataka but the University of Karnataka is the most popular and highly renowned universities of the place comprising of many renowned universities. The first Karnataka University was Mysore University, set up in the year 1916. 15 known universities can be found in the state apart from the well known institutions like IIM, IISC, IIT, IMT and few more deemed universities.

The regional and official language of the Andhra Pradesh is Telugu but due to the other linguistic groups in the state, there are speakers of Urdu and Hindi too and these languages are mainly used in universities, schools and colleges for teaching. Education in Andhra Pradesh is offered through many renowned universities and colleges. From schools to top universities and educational institutes, Andhra Pradesh educational sources offer the best quality education.

Students in Karnataka and abroad are curious to get admission in the colleges and universities of Karnataka not only because of the educational environment, but also because of the less expenses associated with the courses and degree programs provided at these universities and colleges. The state is home to some of the premier educational and research institutions too including the Indian science institute of science, the Indian institute of management, the national institute of technology Karnataka and the national law School of India University.

Though, English is a common and basic language used in every single subject of course study but many institutes and colleges in Karnataka provide their students with a choice of an additional subject among which the state language subject is the most common. When it comes to the mode of teaching, the primary language of instruction in most schools are Kannada and English whereas the syllabus taught in the schools is CBSE, ICSE or the state syllabus.

Karnataka Education System

Karnataka education system is appreciated and admired everywhere in India because in the recent years, many positive changes have been made by the Karnataka government to improve the educational teaching modes and attendances in the schools. To maximize the attendance in the schools, the Karnataka government has launched a mid-day meal scheme throughout all government and aided schools. In this scheme, free lunch is provided to the students and various other educational needs are taken care of.