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Kerala is a perfect destination for tourism, art, culture, traditions, healthcare, ayurveda, meditation and honeymoon but the place and the people of this place are known for their educational qualifications. Kerala education is known all over the world for its quality and significant contributions made by kerala government for the progress and development of the young generation.

The success story of kerala education is not hidden from people and other nations. The literacy rate of kerala is 91 percent which is closer than any other Indian state. Education in India plays an important role and by now, people have remarkably changed there opinion on the importance and need of education when compared to the ancient times. People understand the importance of education in each and every child's life.

Kerala is committed to provide a well established world class infrastructure and quality of education to the students so that they grow as a professional and well qualified individual to serve their families with all the amenities in future, making kerala government proud. The state supports 12,271 schools among which, there is an elementary school within two miles of every settlement.

The dedication and implications made in the educational system of kerala is so honest that even in the tough times, education is the last item the kerala government will cut. When it comes to higher education, there are many colleges in kerala to serve the students with all types of degree programs and courses, keeping in mind the demand and need of the competitive world.

In kerala, schools and college are commonly run by the government, private trust or individuals and all the schools are affiliated with the ICSE, CBSE, kerala state education board or the national institute of open schooling.

Kerala Education System

Kerala education system has rapidly changed and has made a positive turn in presenting the right schools, Colleges and universities to provide the best quality education to each and every child. Education in India is of primary interest, due to which more than 94% of the rural population has access to primary school within 1 km, while 98% of population benefits one school within a distance of 2 km. Colleges and institutes of kerala charge no extra fee from, the students and the entire course study material is provided to the students at no extra cost. The University of Kerala and other educational institutes in kerala possess a well and highly qualified faculty to provide a cultural environment as well best quality education to the students.