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Kolkata education is no longer limited to CBSE, ICSE and state board. Education in kolkata has drastically changed right from the way of learning to the assignments and assessment exams. Today, higher education plays an important role in every individual's life because the challenging economy of kolkata demands more from the young generation in terms of output and professionalism.

There are many universities in kolkata among which some of the campuses are the well known branches located across India and abroad. For example- IIM, which has its campuses in almost every major city, also has its campus in kolkata at which many students enroll for their favorite degree course and fields of study to continue their studies further.

With the rise of modern, globalize India, education in india has raced forward and gained much popularity and importance when compared to the recent years. The positive impact can be seen in every corner of India. Kolkata and other parts of india have made great progress in the field of knowledge comprising science and technology. The changing phase of technology has brought many positive things in the education system provided at the universities and colleges.

Schools in kolkata are well known for their highly skilled and qualified staff whereas educational institutes in kolkata are popular for their quality education, excellent teaching mode and world class infrastructure.

Kolkata Education System

Kolkata education system has remarkably made progress since past few years. This has been of great use to the students because they are now easily able to access any type of desired course and degree program. People who wished to continue their further studies in a particular field of study, used to leave for foreign countries in search of better working environment and pay package on account of unemployment in india but the concept of india has now become royal and easy for the students due to which people do not even feel like thinking of going abroad and paying double or triple the fee amount to fulfill their dreams. Kolkata education system has been set up in such a way that the students do not need to go out for completing their further education from abroad.