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Education in Madhya Pradesh

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Madhya Pradesh is considered as the heart of India. It is not only a spectacular state for tourism but with its capital 'Bhopal', it was known as one of the largest Indian state until November 1, 2000. Madhya Pradesh education is highly admired all over India because the state itself values learning.

Education is a well managed process in this sate due to which it is differentiated from other nations across India. Schools, colleges and universities are dedicate to provide the best quality and standardized education to the aspiring students. The fee structure is pretty affordable and easily manageable by the parents. Schools in Madhya Pradesh are affiliated by the state board of secondary education and CBSE.

The education here is managed by the private schools and the government. The smooth functioning and effective management of education departments in Madhya Pradesh makes it one of the renowned states all across India. The language used for instruction in educational departments is Hindi and English. The state is home to some of the premier educational and research institutions of India like Indian institute of technology Indore, Indian institute of information technology and management, Gwalior, school of planning and architecture Bhopal and many more. There are 500 degree colleges affiliated with one of the universities in the state. The Daly college of Indore is one of the best schools in India and is ranked as the 5th best schools in the country.

Madhya Pradesh Education System

Madhya Pradesh education system is very well developed and has been improved keeping in mind the demand and need of the young generation. The demand of the professional world has also been kept in mind while making improvement in the education system of Madhya Pradesh. When it comes to state universities and colleges, there are 12 state universities, due to which today, one-third of the population of Madhya Pradesh is educated. Madhya Pradesh values learning and this has been possible with increasing awareness and importance spread in India.

Today, all the major parts of India are highly educated and a popular hub for students to enroll in for the higher education. When it comes to choose the best college and university, Madhya Pradesh is also a special mention which is a great advantage and achievement for the state in the last few decades.