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The online degrees are those educational or professional degrees which are obtained through using computer, internet, and a variety of information technology devices. Thus, these online degree classes are entirely different from the campus-based classes in colleges and universities. Today, these online degrees have become hugely popular by students, professionals, and scholars at undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels.

The gamut of subjects and fields covered by these online degrees programs, is now rather extensive and almost all-encompassing. Thus, today in most countries of the world, the online degree education has been established as the vital complementary to the campus-based education in schools, colleges, and universities, for providing creative education to people at diverse levels. As per a rough estimate, there are over 400 online degree programs for higher education provided by a large number of online degree colleges and universities located in countries worldwide. Detailed information about these online degrees courses is provided in the section below, separately. The majority of these online degrees colleges and online degrees universities are well-established in USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, India, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, Brazil, The Netherlands, and other countries of the world. In India also, various online degrees at diverse levels, are quite famous and popular in all across the whole country. Highly beneficial information about online degrees india, is also presented in the lower section.

Well-recognized, highly creative and productive, and economical online degrees are certainly highly beneficial to students and professionals in various educational disciplines and professional and commercial fields. Again, reputed and high-quality online degrees are undoubtedly the most suitable and profitable to busy college students and occupied professionals. They can easily and economically achieve the desired online degrees for enrichment of career or propelling additional qualification, without disturbing their usual study or work routines. Moreover, most of the online degree institutes inherently offer flexibilities in time-schedules and payment of education fees.

Types of Online Degree Programs

At present stage of development in the Sciences, Internet, and Information Technology, these online degrees programs are provided using asynchronous and synchronous technologies, and a variety of instruments and devices of telecommunication and information technology. These elegant and illustrious online degrees courses are now available in almost all disciplines and fields of education and teaching, professions, business and commerce, industries, and services. Moreover, these these highly creative and beneficial online degrees are offered at varying levels of undergraduate, graduate, associate, postgraduate, and doctoral, in most of the educational and professional streams. Though the expanse of subjects and fields covered by these online degrees programs is fathomless, the following are the most common and significant:

Subjects of Arts and Humanities; Sciences; Engineering and Technology; Law; Accounts and Commerce; Business Administration and Management; Information Technology; Entrepreneurship; e-Business and Commerce; Mass Communication and Journalism; Internet and Multimedia; Education, Training, and Teaching; Languages and Literature; Fine Art and Design; Fashion Technology; Culinary and Hospitality; Healthcare and Medicines; Agricultural Development; Library and Information Science; Travel and Tourism; Industrial Production and Manufacturing; Advertising; Industrial and Public Relations; International Trade and Business; Computer Hardware and Software; Social Sciences; Human Resource Development and Management; Entertainment Media; Genetics; Some Branches of Medical Sciences; Biotechnology; Animation; Religious Studies; Insurance; Banking and Finance; Telecommunications; Distribution and Marketing; Pharmaceuticals; Nursing; Hospital Administration; and various other Technical, Non-Technical, and Scientific fields.

As far as India is concerned, there are about 175 well-established and reputed online education institutes and open universities located in cities all across the country, which have been providing a variety of online degrees at different hierarchic levels. These online degrees courses extended by Indian universities and institutes are fully recognized and appreciated by regulatory bodies like Distance Education Council (DEC) of India, the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the Medical Council of India (MCI), the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), and other governmental bodies. For getting refined and reliable information about the most famous, popular and prestigious online education colleges and universities located in India or other countries of the world, please visit our other articles bearing pertinent titles.