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Now-a-days, online education courses have become elegant alternative to obtaining academic and professional degrees for students and professionals, especially working professionals and engaged students in regular college studying or some kind of commercial or financial activities. These education online courses are available for subjects relating to almost all fields of the sectors of professions, businesses, industries, and services.

Proper accreditation and international recognition of these online education courses, have rendered these increasingly popular among students and professionals at all stages, status, objectives, and preferences. In some countries where internet, information technology, and online educational infrastructure, etc., are well-developed, these online education courses are immensely popular and highly preferred, for higher studies and professional progress. Moreover, these education courses online are provided at certificate level, diploma level, associate level, graduate level, postgraduate level, and doctoral level, to cover sweepingly all individuals in general.

Ours service organization is presently one of the vastly prominent and reputed organizations of India and the world, in respect of providing well-rounded, refined, and highly profitable information regarding the education sector of India and abroad, for great and lavish benefits to people in general. In ours this highly fertile article, we are offering all-round and discerning information about the online education courses in india, exclusively.

Online Education Courses in India

For well-accredited, globally acclaimed, and highly productive online education courses, India is well-known worldwide at present. The bulk part of its education courses online are now well-equipped with latest distance learning technologies like synchronous, asynchronous, and other highly interactive technologies.

Over 175 institutions comprising of open universities, open and distance learning institutes, and private distance learning institutions, now provide education online courses at different levels in a rather wide range of subjects. Apart from these institutions, prestigious and globally prominent institutes like IITs, IIMs, NMIMS (Mumbai), ISB (Hyderabad), and so on, now also offer several online degree courses in sciences, management, and engineering and technology.

These online education courses in india offer academic or professional certificates, diploma certificates, associate degrees, graduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, and doctoral degrees in the selected subjects or fields. These all education online courses are duly recognized by AICTE, UGC, NCTE, etc., and fully approved by the Distance Education Council (DEC) of India. The range of subjects covered by highly appreciated online education courses in india, is extensive, and essentially encompasses the following illustrious and highly prolific subjects and fields: