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Diverse categories of online education degrees have already been described comprehensively in ours other articles. Ours this particular article now extends detailed and exclusive information regarding the online education masters degrees in India and abroad. Today, accredited online degrees education under all categories have become quite popular and profitable in countries situated in all around the globe, and contribute significantly to the world of education for all.

These online education degrees in india, too, are greatly prominent and are proving to be highly and greatly productive to students (both working and non-working) and professionals in almost all economic fields. In most of the developed and fast-developing countries of the world, essential including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, India, Singapore, Spain, New Zealand, Denmark, The Netherlands, Brazil, and many more, these online education degrees have commonly regarded as superb alternative to the traditional educational degrees through campus-based education at schools, colleges, and universities. These education degrees online have been serving as convenient and potent academic degrees, as fertile degrees for quick and better employment, for as additional degrees for career diversification or enrichment, as highly supportive degrees for professional promotions and growth, and as necessary qualifications for starting a business in any desired field.

Online Education Masters Degrees India

Recognized and prolific online education masters degrees are now-a-days available in a rather wide range of subjects pertaining to diverse sectors of economy in India and other countries abroad. These degrees are most convenient and profitable to all working professionals desirous of acquiring higher or additional qualification for betterment in careers, and also to students engaged in university studies or some kind of financial or commercial works.

India's vast higher educational infrastructure offers a variety of online master degree programs to suit varying requirements and time-scheduling of such students and professionals. These online education masters degrees (in the subjects and fields mentioned below) are strictly and fully recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India, the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), and other statutory authorities. Approval of the Distance Education Council (DEC) of India is pre-requisite for all online and distance learning courses conducted in India.

At present, there are over 175 highly successful and galloping distance education institutions located in all across India with a variety of distance learning and online education programs in an extensive range of subjects. Out of this large number, most of open universities and open and distance learning institutes additionally provide online master's degree courses to students and professionals. Owing to ever-increasing popularity and usefulness of these online education masters degrees some prestigious and leading institutes of India like IITs, IIMs, ISB (Hyderabad), NMIMS (Mumbai), XLRI (Jamshedpur), and so on, are also providing several master's and doctoral degree courses in science subjects, management, engineering and technology, and other scientific and technical subjects. For master's degrees, the following are most commonly offered and preferred subjects or fields in India:

All Arts and Humanities subjects; All Science subjects; all streams of Law; Accounts and Commerce; most of engineering and technology streams; some branches of Medical science; Social Sciences; Scientific Research; Rural Development; Genetics; Business Management; Computer Hardware and Software; Information Technology; Insurance; Biotechnology; Entrepreneurship; industrial production and Manufacturing; Human Resource Development and Management; Industrial and Public Relations; Distribution and Marketing; International Business; e-Business and Commerce; Foreign Trade; Clerical, Secretarial, and Business Administration; Mass Communication and Journalism; Advertising; Entertainment Media; Internet and Multimedia; Animation; Education, Training, and Teaching; Languages and Literature; Religious Studies; Healthcare and Medicine; Nursing; Pharmaceuticals; Hospital Administration; Culinary and Hospitality; Tourism; Agricultural Development; Horticulture; Floriculture; Fashion Technology; Fine Arts and Design; Library and Information Science; and other scientific, technical, and non-technical subjects.