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Orissa education has been at forefront in terms of research and education. From schools education to higher university education, Orissa is prominently known for its quality and standard of teaching modes provided to the students. Many aspirin students from across India especially visit Orissa for enrolling in the desired field of study.

Education in Orissa if mainly provided at schools, colleges, universities and educational institutes. The schools in Orissa mainly form an important part of Orissa education. At the same time, the colleges and universities help the students choose the desired field of study according to their aspirations and interest. The average literacy rate in Orissa is 63.08% among which men are more literate than women but when compared to the past few years, the literacy rate of women has drastically improved.

Apart from a large number of schools in Orissa, there are 4 government training colleges, 6 teachers education colleges and 3 institutes of advanced study in Orissa. Among universities, there are about 9 universities including Utkal University, Orissa University of agriculture and technology, Sambhalpur University, Utkal University of culture, Sri Jagannath Sanskrit University and many more.

These are a few top most universities and colleges providing high quality education and variety of degree programs and courses for the students. Orissa is a home to many national level public institutions and has become a hub for higher education because of its number of top universities and colleges nationally and internationally recognized. For the list of all the educational institutes in Orissa, look online because if you are planning to move to Orissa for completing your higher education, the internet is the best source to provide you the complete list of colleges in Orissa.

Orissa Education System

Orissa education is well developed and has undergone many positive changes in the recent years. The changes have been made by the Orissa government keeping in mind the need and demand of the students and professional world. Well, the changes in technology and advanced techniques and modes of education have proven to be more productive and beneficial for the students as well as colleges and universities.

Generally, most of the colleges and universities have set a criterion to enter and get admission in the top colleges and universities in Orissa. Seats in top colleges are provided according to the merit order.