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Pune is the eighth largest metropolis in India and is the second largest in the state of Maharashtra after Mumbai. When it comes to education, pune has earned itself a sobriquet of the 'oxford of the east' and also the cultural capital of India'. The city of pune is renowned for its quality education and easy teaching modes.

The name 'oxford of east' given by shri Jawaharlal Nehru explains itself what it has to offer in terms of education. There are more than hundred prominent educational institutes in pune in which students from across India and abroad enroll in for their favorite or desired field of study. Except the University of Pune, there is a large list of colleges in pune that are prestigious and renowned for their highly qualified staff, world class infrastructure and additional facilities provided to the students.

Apart from the different degree programs and courses including full time and part time, pune, is also known as the largest centre for Japanese learning all across India. The colleges in pune are affiliated to Pune University and are dedicatedly working on making more improvements to offer its students with the best quality education and technology.

The University of Pune was established in 1948 and since then it has become one of the leading centers for research and teaching in the country. With the most prestigious and oldest engineering universities like the government college of engineering, the SNDT women's university, exclusively meant for women education and other MBA universities and colleges, pune has become a leader in providing all types of education in different fields of study.

Pune Education System

Pune education system is slightly different from other nation's education system and is known as the well established education systems in India due to which more and more students are attracted towards Pune University every year. The significance of education is increasing day by day in this advancement and competitive world.

Pune, might not have been the first country to introduce education and different educational teaching modes, but it has made great progress by introducing various effective and ease teaching modes in the recent years. There is a long list of colleges in pune among which some of the following are:
  • Symbiosis international university
  • Indian institute of armament technology
  • Gokhale institute of politics and economics
  • Dr. D.Y Patil university
  • AISSMS college of pharmacy
  • AISSMS college of engineering
  • Maharashtra institute of technology