Welcome to I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University

One of the leading universities in India, I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University offers an extraordinary quality of education and geniuses with unsurpassed theoretical abilities. Students from all over India come to this honored epicenter of education for training equivalent international standards. The University has devoted to offer exceptional education to its pupils thus presenting them a delightful prospect to outshine in their selected field. A range of sessions and workshops are prearranged by the University for the Assistance of their pupils.

The IKGPTU takes in scholars two times in a financial year during the months of March and September. The university undertakes a semester wise examination procedure with two exams in a. The admission procedure is generally undertaken at the learning center nominated by the student across the country. During the time of admission students are required to attested photocopies of their certificates. The admissions are subjected to the availability of the seats/course at the selected institutes. Only filling of admission forms does not necessarily means confirmed admission to the university, the admission is confirmed via the counseling committee of the respective Learning Centers.

I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University Courses Offered

I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University also known to many as IKGPTU is located in Jalandhar, Punjab. It was established by the state legislative in the year 1997. It was established as Punjab Technical University and renamed as I.K.Gujral Punjab Technical University by State Government in the honor to Late Sh. Inder Kumar Gujral, Former Prime Minister of India, in 2015. IKGPTU has almost 150 engineering colleges, 156 management colleges 96 pharmacy colleges, 68 architecture colleges, 41 B.Sc. MLT colleges and 42 hotel management and catering technology colleges, and 302 educational units covered under its banner.

IKGPTU visualizes easing and development the excellence of procedural teaching and exploration in its own locations as well as all associating organizations. There are about 56 management, 65 engineering, 6 architecture, 26 pharmacy, 4 B.Sc. and 4 hotel management and catering technology institutes associated with the IKGPTU. Among these, four have been financed by the government, one is aided by the government and the left over are private.

The mission of the IKGPTU at the instant take in guiding the entrance examination conducted on state level. Common entrance test for admittance to packages allied with IKGPTU. Each semester, the university conducts central examinations for all the allied colleges and institutes and announces results rapidly by means of systems that are technology-enabled. The means of teachings and examinations is English.

I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University Campus and Locations

Every semester, the College prints its brochure with course particulars and fee structure, rules and guidelines. The undergraduates are expected to pay the semester fee along with the examination fee only in form of demand draft to be made in the tag of Registration, I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University billed at Jalandhar. In any case this fee should not be funded in currency or in name of the institution. Only the refundable Library security and the Lab are to be paid to the institution.

The students are expected to purchase the Admission Form together with Examination Form along with the Prospectus obtainable from the institutions. The Admission Form along with Examination Form has to be filled up and attached with the attested photographs references and records/mark sheets as cited in the List of Instruction attached with Registration Kit.