Singhania University - Social Welfare

Social work is a profession concerned with the preclusion and resolution of problems for individuals, families, groups and communities. Those who study social work acquire the knowledge, skills and values that make easy the hindrance and resolution of such problems.

Social Work skills, knowledge and value you are able to deepen your understanding and competence within a specialist area of work with adults or children and families. The Social Welfare Option is intended to offer students with knowledge and skills necessary for the growth and development of the career in Singhania University.

Students wishes to declare this Option as their most important plan to do so in their junior year and are required to see an advisor in the Option at least once each semester in order to plan their course load. Students are to plan to pursue this Option are encouraged to seek out advisement prior to their junior year. Students should apply for the field study internship courses the spring semester prior to Fall semester placement.

The major issues in social welfare are poverty, social security, welfare for the disabled, welfare for the elderly, child welfare, family welfare, industrial welfare, and medical social work. This university offers an unmatched environment for students to study social work and criminal justice. Students at all levels choose from a range of opportunities to increase practical experience in social, health, educational, or criminal justice agencies.