Welcome to University of Hyderabad

The University of Hyderabad situated in India is an institute of post graduate-teaching & research. University of Hyderabad was set as Central-University, in the year 1974, by Parliament's act. Many distance learning programs are also offered by the university. The institute is also the member of AIU - Association-of-Indian-Universities, ACU - Association-of-Common wealth-Universities & International-Council-for-Distance-Education.

From the year 1988 till today an Academic-Staff- College is functioning upon the campus of university under scheme of UGC to improve teaching standards in the universities and colleges. Refresher and orientation courses are being organized for university and college faculties. In the publication published recently, the institute has been ranked 1st among many other institutes established in India.

University of Hyderabad Courses Offered

The various schools into which the University of Hyderabad has been divided offers courses of post-graduation and diploma under their various domains. The schools are:

The courses offered by the university are I. M. Sc., I. M.A, M. Sc., MCA, M. Tech and MBA in many disciplines. Many scholarships are offered by the university to the students who score top, the students who are financially weak and students who are handicapped physically. Recently, for offering the undergraduate courses, has been decided by the university. Campus-placement facility is also offered by the university.

A person can get the forms for doing any course from University of Hyderabad by visiting the campus or he can also attain it through net. Same way the prospect is also available online. The prospects contain all information about the university.

University of Hyderabad - Campus and Location

20 kilometers away from Hyderabad city, at Gachi Bowli, the University of Hyderabad is located. It is situated on that highway which joins Bombay and Hyderabad. The area of the university campus is about 9.3 km2 (2,300 acres). The institute is also having a city-campus within - 'The-Golden-Threshold', which is Sarojini Naidu's residential place. At the premises of The-Golden-Threshold was situated The Sarojini Naidu School for 15 years and in the year 2003 it was shifted in the Gachibowli's primary campus.

The University of Hyderabad has seventeen hostels within its campus, out of which 10 are for boys & 7 are for girls. The campus also consists of a complex where students can do shopping and also has 2 separate canteens. Effective medical facility is also catered to the students within the campus. There is also a DST hall for showing the films and for conducting seminars. There in the university, an active union of students is also present. This union helps in raising the voice of the students against any issue. There are three guest-houses in the university - Visiting-Scholars, Jubilee and Lakeview guest-houses.