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Delhi flaunts gracefully the premier academic institutions and wears the crown of educational center of India. Schools in Delhi can be compared with the internationally acclaimed ones for the kind of infrastructure, faculties and high standard education they provide to their students. Delhi has a literacy rate of 81.2% according a national survey.

This clearly shows that Delhi schools deserve to be known as the excellent educational institutions. The medium of instruction in almost all the Delhi schools is English irrespective of the fact whether they are primary schools, private schools, government schools or residential schools in Delhi. However, very few schools use Hindi as the medium of instruction also. There are many preparatory schools in Delhi as well. Schools in Delhi provide the best possible education so that when students come out of them; they should be able to lead the world and face the educational challenges imposed by the world. The capital of India, Delhi is proving its creditability by introducing many remarkable changes and developments made including the infrastructure, job opportunities and economic conditions. Among all the major developments, schools are the first most important and major concerns among people of Delhi.

In the recent years, many educational institutes, universities and schools including private and public schools have come up with Great Spirit to offer the young generation with the best quality of education and easy teaching mode. With the modern and advancement in everything, the life of people has also transformed and they have become much conscious regarding the education of their children.

The well established infrastructure, highly qualified and skilled faculty, extra co-curricular activities and easy admission process has added flair of happiness among many people. Finding a perfect school for your child is the most difficult things to do but it is just like a one time investment because once you have found the right school for your child, your and your child's future is secured to enjoy the results of the investment made in the past years. There are many top schools in Delhi, renowned for their well established infrastructure and affordable fee structure.