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The competitive examinations (competitive exams) are conducted for selecting the most suitable and competent candidates for certain governmental or private services or for undergoing the specified higher education courses. Today, almost all fields of career and profession, and bulk of reputed educational institutes, essentially and commonly utilize rigorous competitive exams for choosing the right and most perfect candidates, as per specific requirements.

Ours this highly informative and generous article offers all-round and exclusive information regarding various categories of competitive exams in india conducted every year, for such purposes. Owing to easy accessibility and great convenience offered by the internet and information technology, some of these competitive exams are increasingly becoming online. These online competitive exams are also described in the section below.

At present, the most significant and reputed competitive examinations in india, are the following:
  • Engineering Competitive Exams
  • Army and other Defense Exams
  • Medical Competitive Exams
  • Other UPSC Exams
  • Law Entrance Exams
  • Nursing Entrance Exams
  • English Entrance Exams
  • Management Entrance Exams
  • Bank PO and Clerical Exams
  • Entrance Exams for Sciences
  • Civil Services Competitive Exam
  • Pharmacy Entrance Exams
  • Mathematic Entrance Exams
  • Agriculture Entrance Exams
  • JNU and BHU Entrance Exams
  • Film and Television Entrance Exams
  • Fashion and Technology Entrance Exams
  • Entrance Exams for Scientific Research
  • State-wise Engineering/Medical/Agricultural Entrance Exams

Online Competitive Exams in India

In India also, the number of competitive or entrance exams held every year for the purposes mentioned above, is constantly increasing day by day in diverse fields. However, not all competitive or entrance exams now have become online. Moreover, the online competitive exams are conducted in addition to the traditional mode of competitive exams. The choice of exam mode is left optional, especially in cases of some major and prestigious competitive exams. Candidates or students can opt for campus-based or online exam, depending on their ease and convenience.

The following are the most prominent online competitive exams or entrance exams conducted by governmental or private authorities or institutions:

  • Mathematics Online tests
  • Online Law entrance exams
  • KEAM Online entrance exams
  • Karnataka Online entrance exams
  • Online Engineering entrance exams
  • Online MBA and MCA entrance exams
  • Online Agricultural entrance exams
  • Birla Institute Online entrance test
  • Online Medical exams
  • Online test for English