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Education in Australia is primarily the accountability of the states & territories. Every state or territory government offers funding & regulates the public and private schools within its governing area. The federal government assists fund the public universities without involving in setting curriculum.

Normally, education in Australia has a three-tier model which consists of primary education (primary schools), secondary education (secondary schools/high schools) and tertiary education (universities). Australian education system is the 6th for Reading, 8th for Science & 13th for Mathematics among 56 countries worldwide.

Australia Education has been flourishing these days with respected institutions that feature cutting edge curriculum & high quality teachers. Australia education for international students offers good academic environment, educational supports, education loan etc. International students can select from hundreds colleges and universities in Australia and selecting programs can range from short-term English language instruction, to in depth doctorate level work.

Education in Australia makes students to serve well in any field, no matter what their future career goals may be. Australia education offers affordable education with competitive tuition prices & various financial aid possibilities. The cost of education in Australia varies institution to institution and program to program.

Many international students come to study and work in Australia. Australian educational institutes help students to get on campus or off campus work. Student life in Australia is of higher standard. There are services to help students. Student life can include areas like health & wellness, career, fitness, entertainment, campus involvement, clubs, getting around your new city, and other support services.

Student life also includes basics from buying textbooks, parking fees, getting a student card and other campus necessities. Immigrating to Australia permanently is a thrilling opportunity. However, there are many things you should think before you apply to be a permanent resident. You will have to full fill the requirements for immigration to Australia.

Top Colleges and Universities in Australia

World-class education in australia, is refined enough to entice a huge number of students, scholars, and professionals every year from every part of the world. Today, Australia is commonly considered as being the fourth most popular and preferred destinations for higher studies in the entire world, after USA, UK, and Canada. The australia education system has now developed and sophisticated enough to accommodate international students congenially and smoothly, at graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. As Australia has a small population of about 23 million, it has lesser number of universities; but most of its universities are of international prominence, and many of these rank among the top 100 globally renowned universities of the world.

Moreover, Australia is worldwide famous for its twelfth major economy of the world, strikingly high per capita income, second highest Human Development Index, quality of living and life, and civil and political rights, besides highly prolific and globally admired higher education. These all factors together make the australia education, rather famous globally. In the year 2010, over 6% of the total international students visited Australia for higher studies in its globally distinguished colleges and universities, which kept Australia at third position after the USA and UK. The following colleges and universities in australia are now worldwide reputed for ace-quality higher education in various educational disciplines:

  • University of Melbourne, Melbourne
  • Australian National University (ANU), Canberra.
  • University of Queensland, St. Lucia.
  • University of Western Australia (UWA), Crawley.
  • University of Sidney, Sydney.
  • Monash University, Clayton.
  • University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney.
  • University of Adelaide, Adelaide.
  • Macquarie University, Sydney.
  • Griffith University, Brisbane.