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Canada education is regulated by every separate provincial government through the individual ministries of education. The ministries of education in Canada oversee smaller bodies called boards of education or district school boards like the Toronto District School Board which oversees the individual schools.

There are 10 provinces & three territories in Canada, each with their own way of organizing education, but there are some similarities that one can make about Canada education.

Education is necessary up to the age of 16 in every province of Canada. Canada education for international students favors their needs. The government of Canada offers scholarships and many other facilities to international students to earn a degree of their choice in Canada. The cost of education in Canada becomes lower with the awards and scholarships offered to international students.

There are many colleges and universities in Canada. Universities in Canada share a key strength which is their high quality of education. The universities of Canada have a long record of offering an accessible university education to students from all over Canada & around the world. There are 89 universities and 175 community colleges in Canada which are members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. For study in Canada you will have to get Canada education visa. Canada education visa help a lot in studying & getting a degree in Canada.

Student life at a university is the service that helps & supports students during the time they are studying at a university in Canada. Student life can also include areas like health & wellness, career, fitness, entertainment, campus involvement, clubs, getting around your new city, and other support services. Student life also includes basics from buying textbooks, parking fees, getting a student card and other campus necessities. Immigrating to Canada permanently is a thrilling opportunity. However, there are many things you should think before you apply to be a permanent resident. You will have to full fill the requirements for immigration to Canada.

Top Colleges and Universities in Canada

Canada is counted among the well-developed countries of the world, with impeccably refined higher education infrastructure, very high quality of life, well-rounded opulence, and complete safety of its people and international students, in all across the country. Therefore, education in canada has been hugely popular and highly cherished by students, researchers, and professionals pertaining to countries worldwide, especially at graduate and postgraduate levels. The highly refined and truly world-class canada education system has been receiving much more per capita expenditure than that in most of the countries of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).

Again, the surveys of United Nations have been ranking Canada as one of the best countries of the world for living in. Hence, canada education has been hugely popular for decades, and has been drawing about 175,000 international students every year from countries situated in all across the entire world.

The most impressive features of Canada and its higher education system are - ace educational standards, global recognition to its educational and professional degrees at diverse levels, inexpensiveness and economy of higher education as compared to that in other well-developed countries of the world, it being one of the best countries of the world to live and study, high standard of living, high life expectancy, low crime rates, low inflation rate, highly glamorous infrastructure, and so on. The most reputed, popular, and the best colleges and universities in canada, are the following:

  • McGill University, Montreal.
  • University of Toronto, Toronto.
  • The University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
  • University of Alberta, Edmonton.
  • Queen's University, Kingston.
  • Universite de Montreal, Montreal (Quebec).
  • University of Waterloo, Waterloo.
  • University of Calgary, Calgary.
  • University of Western Ontario, London (Ontario).
  • McMaster University, Hamilton (Ontario).