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The Military Forces are essential and vital part of the armed defense forces in any country. These military forces under diverse categories are desperately required for a variety of other purposes, besides proper and full safety to the land frontiers of the concerned country. In general, military forces are known and respected for almost all types of ground operations within the country. Other quite common and most prominent support activities by military forces are in helping victims of any natural calamity with necessary relief succors; helping the government in alleviating or preventing internal disturbances or conflicts; and represent one' country in any part of the world, as per the instructions of the department of defense.

Thus, the military wing of defense is undoubtedly of paramount importance, and without this wing of defense forces, the defense department of any country in just incomplete and fully vulnerable. Therefore, we essentially provide exclusive and prolific information regarding the military entrance exams in India or abroad, in addition to various other types of entrance exams in diverse fields of career and profession. In this article we are providing comprehensive and vital information about the military entrance exams in India, in the below paragraphs.

Perfect selection of the military forces under varying hierarchy is made through two major types of defense entrance exams in India, conducted by the UPSC, twice every year. These robust entrance exams are the Combined Defense Services (CDS) entrance exam, and the National Defense Academy (NDA) entrance exam. However, there are some other means of choosing the competent candidates for military forces of India, the most prominent being the methods of NCC special entry schemes, special service entry for women, and rigorous recruitment of technical professionals, all being conducted scrupulously by fully governmentally authorized directorates of defense recruitment. Both these Indian military entrance exams tests require great diligence and dedication to the welfare of the nation.

Graduate candidates from any recognized Indian college or university are fully eligible to compete at CDS entrance exam. After selection they are handed over to the Indian Military Academy (Dehra Dun) for higher education in military discipline of the defense forces and requisite military training. For NDA entrance exam, the basic eligibility qualification is 10+2; and after being selected the successful candidates are sent to the National Defense Academy (Khadakwasla, Maharashtra) for necessary education and training in military field.

Military Entrance Exams Test Practice

Both these two military entrance exams are difficult and quite grueling to qualify. Therefore, ambitious candidates should study and practice comprehensively and well, the sample military entrance exams offered by recognized and reliable coaching institutes in every part of India. The military entrance exams practice is certainly very helpful to the aspiring candidates regarding well-rounded information about the syllabus and patter of the exam papers, and required level of proficiency and speed during dealing with exam questions. Ours immensely famous and reliable service organization also provides information about such coaching institutes in India, to facilitate education about and test practices of military entrance exams.