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The Scholastic Aptitude Test, also Known as the Scholastic Assessment Test, is now hugely prominent and popular worldwide, as an essential and elegant test for school-leavers before joining a college or university for higher studies in ant discipline. Originated in USA, this scholastic aptitude test has now become very popular for college admissions in countries of UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and other countries worldwide, besides being compulsory in USA.

Owned and developed by College Board (a non-profit organization of USA), this scholastic aptitude test is conducted in active association of the Educational Testing Services (ETS) of USA. Today, the scholastic aptitude test online, is also available readily and conveniently from any part of the world. Based on good marks at high-school and high score at SAT, students can find swift admission to a prestigious college or university of their choice and preference.

The main and ultimate objective of this scholastic aptitude test (SAT) is to check ingeniously and comprehensively the ability and readiness of an undergraduate, for meeting satisfactorily the essential requirements of higher studies at college or university. The various things this scholastic aptitude test (sat) evaluates elegantly are student's academic knowledge and experience, linguistic and inter-personal skills, problem solving and analyzing approach, and overall mental faculty to accommodate smoothly to the college environment and higher studies. To facilitate timely assessment well before seeking admission to colleges, this standardized test for school-leavers is conducted six to seven times each year, generally in the months of January, March, May, June, October, November, and December. For latest information about current test schedules, students can promptly log on to the official website of the College Board (www.

Three main Sections are contained in this scholastic aptitude test - Critical Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Each of these sections has the full marks amounting to 800, all score being multiples of 10. The score scale used is 200-800 and there is provision for negative marking (of 0.25) for every wrong answer. Thus, the total scores obtained by students range from 600 to 2400 in this SAT assessment test. Questions in each section are of multiple choice type, with as much as five options.

Scholastic Aptitude Test Practice Online

A school-leaver or undergraduate student can appear for this scholastic aptitude test not more than twice. Hence, advance scholastic test practice is very beneficial to students, well before appearing at the real SAT assessment test. For this purpose, numerous educational institutions offer facilities for online practice tests for this globally famous scholastic aptitude test. Ours service organization which has been providing highly productive and enlightening information regarding higher education in India and abroad, also offers perfect and reliable information about such institutes, to facilitate the online test practices of this reputed and recommended scholastic aptitude test.