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A variety of MBA Programs are now-a-days available in India and abroad, in a rather wide-range of subjects. These mba programs are in the categories of campus-based mba programs, online mba programs, full-time mba programs, and part-time mba programs, for acquiring diploma, degree, executive mba degree, and fellowship in management. Students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and businessmen in diverse fields of profession, commerce, industry, and service, are therefore, now well-facilitated to choose an mba program as per their requirements, facilities, and convenience.

Ours globally famous and reputed service organization provides comprehensive and well-rounded information regarding MBA, essentially including top mba programs, popular subjects for doing an mba, top business mba programs, mba programs in india, major mba entrance exams in india and abroad, sure-fire tips for mba preparation, and so on.

In the section given below, offered is detailed information about the top mba programs available in India, to Indian and foreign students, professionals, and businessmen. Here, it deserves to be noted that the business schools of India are now prominent and respected worldwide, due to offering world-class, highly innovative and propelling, and illustrious mba programs in a rather wide-range of optional subjects. Every year myriads of mba aspirants come India to acquire exquisite and impeccable mba education in a large number of business schools located in all across the country, which are in the two major categories of government-owned and private institutions.

Top Business MBA Programs in India

The Indian Institutes of management (IIMs), which are reputed globally, offer the following categories of top mba programs in the desired subjects (some of which are given below):

  • Post Graduate Diploma Course in Management (Equivalent to MBA)
  • Executive MBA
  • Fellowship Programs in Management (Equivalent to PhD)
  • Part-Time MBA Programs
  • Industry-based Programs.

In addition to these mba programs in diverse optional subjects (given below in details), a large number of private mba schools and universities situated in all across India, offer several part-time, full-time, and online business mba programs. Rich information about the internationally reputed mba institutions located in India, is provided in other articles of ours this ornate and responsible website.

Today, some optional subjects for doing an mba in, are quite famous, popular, and preferred in countries all across the whole world, including India. These prolific and glamorous subjects include - general management, economics, finance, sales & marketing, business risk management, operations management, business accounting, marketing, supply chain management, information systems, global logistics, advertising & media, hospitality management, organizational behavior & leadership, tourism & hospitality, sports management, entrepreneurship, human resource management, communications, industrial & public relations, entertainment management, pharmacy, and many more.