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Mechanical engineering, one of the widest disciplines in engineering, focuses on the design, research, testing, development, and manufacturing of tools, engines and mechanical devices. Their work is crucial to most of the machines that have come to define modern society, from internal combustion engines to power drills to robots.

Some of individuals are not able to earn a mechanical engineering degree due to their lots of personal problems including higher cut off of regular programs, lack of time, lack of institutes nearby, current job. Online mechanical engineering degree has been launched to help them. Online mechanical engineering degree programs are an excellent way to get started in this exciting and innovative field, and best of all, you don't have to give up your current job in order to pursue your academic goals. Online mechanical engineering degree programs save your time and money. It offers you the flexibility to study at your own pace and ease.

Online mechanical engineering degree programs are offered at associate, bachelor, master and doctorate levels. Online mechanical engineering bachelor degree is offered as Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (B.S. in ME), Bachelor of Engineering (ME) and many others. Online mechanical engineering bachelor degree trains students in problem solving quantitative methods, and design skills using analytical and creative thinking. It requires careful studying in mechanics, fluids, thermodynamics, internal dynamic systems stress analysis, heat transfer, materials, computer integrated manufacturing and control theory, along with various labs, designs and research projects meant to provide a practical understanding of how to apply theoretical knowledge.

Online mechanical engineering master degree focuses on elasticity, computational mechanics, turbulent flows, micro and nanoscale fluid dynamics, robotics and robotic manipulation, mechanics of advanced materials and design and analysis of microsystems. Accredited online mechanical engineering degree programs are offered by online colleges and universities across the world.

Online Mechanical Engineering Programs

The magnificent mechanical branch of engineering has many credits, as one of the oldest and broadest streams of engineering, as an evergreen branch of engineering, and as a very opulent engineering discipline for brisk and booming employment in a rather wide range of fields. Hence, a mechanical engineering degree at graduate and postgraduate level has always been very productive regarding rich, bright, and galloping careers in the industrial and technological fields mentioned below. Thus, the online mechanical engineering degree programs which are conducted by the online universities listed in ours this highly enlightening web article are undoubtedly very sumptuous to working and non-working individuals who reside in countries of the world over.

The rich online mechanical engineering degrees granted by these globally reputed universities, after completion of their mechanical engineering programs, are very suitable for promising and lavish employments in the native as well as the foreign countries, in the desired industrial fields. Today, the most prominent broad sub-disciplines of the mechanical engineering are - structural analysis, mechanics, thermodynamics and thermo-science, design and drafting, and mechatronics and robotics. And, the most famous employment fields to the mechanical engineers are - manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas, power plants, aerospace, chemical, construction, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling equipments, biomechanics, bio-nanotechnology, machine tools and weapons, medical devices, robotics, and many other fields.

The top colleges and universities offering online Mechanical Engineering degrees are mentioned below:
  • University of Phoenix
  • DeVry University
  • Strayer University
  • Colorado Technical University
  • University of Maryland University College
  • Regis University
  • University of Liverpool
  • Grantham University