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Acquiring higher education inculcates new and advanced knowledge in an individual. Especially during research works students come to know more and more about that particular field or subject.

But the matter of fact is that enrolment of students at the postgraduate level or research is very low in developing countries like India as compared to other developed countries. In India only 10% people go for higher studies whereas in developed countries more than 54% people are able to go for higher education. These facts show that there is something in which developing countries are lagging behind. One of the chief reasons is paucity of money to continue with the education in India and abroad as well.

Seeing poverty and paucity of funds as a hindrance in the spread of higher education, various governmental and non-governmental organizations have started providing Scholarships in India and abroad. These student scholarships are meant for those meritorious students who want to study further but were not able to continue with it because of scarcity of money. Study abroad scholarships are also provided primarily to promote interaction among students from various cultures.

Scholarship Application Procedure

The procedure for applying for different scholarships in India and abroad is different. The education scholarship amount also differs according to the grade of study and organization or the trust that offers it. It is important for the students to go through the details of the scholarships in India and abroad before accepting them as many of them may come with some strings attached. One should accept the scholarships available in India and international scholarships only when the terms and conditions are acceptable. Indiaedumart has further given the details about various foreign scholarships provided in various countries like India, US UK, Canada, France, Finland etc and the procedure to avail these scholarships.