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Australian colleges and universities offer a large number of courses. Courses in Australia are offered at diploma, associate, bachelor, master, graduate diploma, postgraduate diploma and doctorate levels. The courses offered at different levels can be classified in categories - short term course, part time courses and full time courses. The courses in Australia can also be categorized as traditional courses and vocational courses.

There are various courses offered at colleges and universities of Australia. Some of courses in Australia are very popular. Most of domestic and international students want to enroll into those courses. Popular courses in Australia are Business & Management, Information Technology, Engineering, Agricultural Science, Hospitality, tourism, nursing, pilot, arts, pharmacy, literature and photography.

Favorable courses are supportive for employment and not affected by ups and downs in the market. Favorable courses in Australia are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in education, medical, nursing, social work and many others. Degree courses in Australia are offered in various areas including arts, science, commerce, languages, literature, engineering, business, management, media & journalism, hospitality, travel & tourism, nursing, medical, health care, pharmacy, agriculture and many others. Degree courses in Australia are offered at bachelor, master and doctorate levels.

Undergraduate courses in Australia are offered as certificate, diploma, and graduate diploma including bachelor degree in different subjects. Some of undergraduate courses are known as Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Information Technology etc.

Postgraduate courses in Australia are offered as postgraduate diploma, master degree, PhD and other higher degrees based on research work. Some of postgraduate courses in Australia are Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Commerce, Master of Business Administration, Master of Information Technology, Master of Journalism etc. All courses in Australia including certificate, diploma and degree at undergraduate and postgraduate level last for three months to five years depending on your course and subject.