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Short Courses in Australia

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All students are not able to do long courses such as diploma and degree. They want to do short courses to get employed quickly. Short courses in Australia are grand way to improve your knowledge and skills.

Short courses in Australia range from design, languages, photography to telecommunications. These courses are offered in various times and dates, on campus, off campus, weekdays, weekends, weeknights, onsite and online. Short courses are offered in a large number of areas. Some of them draw more and more students and train students to get employed or enroll into degree courses in universities of Australia.

Business, accounting, art & design, manufacturing & printing are some of subjects which are regarded as best short courses in Australia while courses in architecture, building, planning, community services, education & training, environment, engineering, health & medical sciences are considered as favorable short courses in Australia.

List of top short courses in Australia

  • Architecture, building and planning
  • Art and design
  • Business
  • Community services and social sciences
  • Computing & information technology
  • Education & training
  • Engineering and related technology
  • Environment
  • Health & medical sciences
  • Manufacturing & printing
  • Media & communication
  • Languages

Top Institutes for Short Courses in Australia

  • Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE
  • Polytechnic West
  • Canberra Institute of Technology
  • Royale Melbourne Institute of Technology University
  • Central Coast Community College
  • Sydney Institute TAFE
  • Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE [BRIT]
  • Central Gippsland Institute of TAFE [Gipps TAFE]
  • Chisholm Institute of TAFE [Chisholm]
  • Institute of Land and Resources (TAFE) [LandFood]
  • Victoria University (TAFE) [VU TAFE]
  • Swinburne University of Technology TAFE [Swinburne TAFE]
  • Central Queensland Institute of TAFE [CQIT]
  • Central TAFE [CENTRAL]