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Education in India is constantly being rectified and refined both at school education and higher education levels, to catch up the high level and quality of education in the developed countries. However, India has at present, several globally reputed institutions for exquisite and world-class education in sciences, engineering and technology, management, and medical fields.

Information about these famous and leading educational institutions of India, is separately given in the lower section. Because of being a vast and hugely populated country, India's education system is one among the largest educational systems in the world, in respect of educational infrastructure and facilities. The higher education system of India, is the third biggest educational system in the world in this respect, after that of United States and China. Detailed information regarding the educational infrastructure in India, both for school education and higher education, is provided comprehensively in the below section. Ever-developing and refining education in india has been being seen as a significant and pivotal factor for well-rounded economic rise in India. In future, this trend is to persist, and will result in higher and global quality of education in India, and impressive development and prosperity in almost all economic sectors.

According to visionaries and experts in the education sector, India is fast going to become a large and globally prominent education hub, in near future. Even now, myriads of foreign students and professionals pertaining to various disciplines of the commerce, industry, and profession, come India every year to acquire splendid higher education at different hierarchic levels. The following india education facts (india education statistics) are given to enlighten our visitors of India and abroad.

India Education System

Broadly, the education system in India is divided into the major categories of the primary education, secondary and higher secondary education, and the higher education. The higher education is provided in colleges, universities, and other high-level educational and professional institutions, while all lower education is offered in schools (primary schools, secondary schools, and higher secondary schools). Both public or governmental sector and the private sector have been providing these school and higher education to Indian and foreign students and professionals in India. A great many International Schools are also present in India, in all across the country.

The curriculum of india education system at school level, is supremely guided, updated, and regulated by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). Majority of the schools in India are governmental or public, and the rest are private schools owned and run by individuals or private firms or trusts. However, the number of private schools is constantly on the rise, especially in the urban areas. It has been found that over 25% of students in cities are being educated in private schools, the magnitude of whom being increasing every year. The boarding schools and international schools are part of these private schools. The private schools are now being regarded more efficient and dependable than the public schools. Because most of the private schools provide lavish facilities for well-equipped laboratories, excellent teacher to student ratio, more disciplined environment, high-quality curriculum and education, and ample facilities for sports, music, drama, etc.

The higher education system in India is quite developed, with about 20 Central Universities, 225 State Universities, 100 Deemed Universities, 1500 degree-granting engineering colleges, 1250 polytechnic colleges, over 15000 other educational institutions, and 1800 women's colleges. Thus, the india education at higher level is highly developed, and utilizes rich educational infrastructure, erudite and well-experienced teaching faculty, and modern means of science and technology. The main governing and regulating body in the higher education sector of India is the University Grants Commission (UGC), with the help of AICTE, MCI, and DEC. At present, some of the most internationally renowned institutions of India are - IITs, IIMs, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Indian School of Business (Hyderabad), the NLSIU (Bangalore), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS, Pilani), CMC Vellore, etc.