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Women's Education in India

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Women constitute half of the total population in India. Women being a major part of a huge population clearly reflect the need of their proper education. Still women are continuously denied of equal opportunities in India. Women education in India needs upliftment.

In recent years, government has realized the importance of women education and has taken some steps in this direction but a lot of work has to be done to make each and every women of India educated and eventually independent. Prevailing prejudices, low enrollment of girl child in the schools, engagements of girl children in domestic works and high drop out rate are major obstacles in the path of making all Indian women educated. Women's education in India has also been a major concern of both the government and civil society as educated women can play a very important role in the development of the country.

Importance of Women Education in India

As India is the second hugest country of the world in respect of population, and is fast progressing steadily, the importance of women's education in India is certainly immense. Proper and prolific women's education in india, will support the country in every good and bright respect, and will result ultimately in better standards of living, financial opulence, and rapid economic growth. A recent study by Booz and Company prophesizes that if men and women were to be equally employed in India, then, the national GDP of the country would certainly rise by at least 25%.

At present in India, only 24% of the total workforce of the country is consisted of by women at different hierarchies. The women's education statistics in India says that out of the big 24 States of India, at least 6 have female literacy rates well below 60% (of the total female population in the respective State). Here it may be emphasized that women's education helps in improving the quality of life both inside and outside home, in promoting health and education of children, in reducing infant mortality rate, in maintaining proper nutrition, in increasing earning potential of the family, in taking right familial and social decisions, and economic progress and prosperity of the society.

Today, there are present a variety of options and facilities for higher and professional education of women in a rather wide-range of economic fields, which have been informed regularly by ours website. The online higher education courses are certainly very elegant and beneficial to women for vocational and professional education and training in the desired fields.