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Health education is extremely inevitable for all age groups; be a child or an adult these days. In order to teach health education, a qualified and well trained health educator is essential who can teach the lessons on health education. As we all know, health is our real wealth, we should take care of our health in each and every day.

These days, there are several health education plans are implemented by both state and central Government at school, college, University or community centers with a purpose to educate the mass about their health. Health education is a very broad and wide in terms of its syllabus and course contents but one must learn step by step each and every lesson in order to live a healthy life and make an informed choice in daily life.

Gone are the days of getting a health check up when one falls ill as these days one can keep a tab on his or her personal health on daily basis. The main motive behind every health education lessons plan is to provide valuable and up to date information regarding how to take care of a child, an adult at a regular interval. These days, there are some reputed medical colleges are offering lessons on health education at both elementary and at advance level to spread the awareness about health and lifestyle. Here, we are giving the complete details on several health education plans :

Elementary Health Education Lesson Plan

Elementary health education or basic health lesson includes teaching people about various basis health related issues which they face in everyday. This includes nutrition, exercise, yoga and diet control as per one's body. A health educator will teach about food habits; food you eat and food you should avoid for your better health. Advance Health Education Lesson Plan: Advance health education plan includes both mental and physical health of an individual. Here, a health educator can give lectures on various growing health concerns those are badly affecting the health of a grown up person in everyday life. Therefore, health education lesson plans are hardly avoidable in a time when health issues have been rapidly rising due to innumerable reasons.