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Health Education is a sophisticated subject for national government, local authorities, health authorities and educational agencies. Health education plays a very important role in the growth of a healthy, inclusive and fair social, psychological and physical environment. It imitates current best practice, using an empowering, multi-dimensional, multi-professional approach which relates to all settings, organizations and parts and levels of society, including schools, colleges, universities, the health services, the community and the workplace.

Along with instructing society, health education is actually a fundamental necessity and finest approached method to make people competent to think about them simply. Being of main concern of society and government's impedes, it becomes indispensable during academic activities also, to edify the students with how to take care of itself as well as family and society. Making a healthy milieu in society along with keeping aware the people about various factors of health is of course good decision of government as they appoint experts in almost entire region to make aware society for wellbeing and fitness.

Right through health education, key points are discussed in the society usually about responsibility of citizens and healthcare department, obligatory steps, nutrition, fitness, growth, social health etc. Schools, colleges are now added this topic in their syllabus as per government's norm as well as with the intention of making a healthy society along with organizing activities for health instruction.

Health Education in India

Health education in India is a state government liability with the national health policy laying down the necessary health policy in India. The central council of health and welfare plans the various health care projects and health department reform policies. The administration of health industry in India with the technical needs of the health sector is the responsibility of the ministry of health and welfare India. There are many schools, colleges and universities which provide health education in India. These educational institutes provide all facilities to their candidates during health education programs.

The main objective of health education programs is to inspire students to preserve and improve their health and trim down the health related risk behaviors. Health education is very necessary these days because the amount of people falling to common sicknesses increases year per year. Health education promotes one's responsibility to one's health by addressing health concerns such as nutrition, exercise, fitness, disease prevention, growth and development, environmental and social health, conflict resolution and violence protection.

To make a healthy society, health education is divided into many parts like health education for kids, adult health education, community health education and many more. Lots of health education activities are held by government and NGOs. Through health education activities people are made aware about their health. Health education is today's need. It helps to create a healthy society. Poor health is frequently caused by unhealthy environment, by lack of information and by wrong health services. Health education assists in obtaining good health by creating healthy environment, providing correct information and good health services.

Health education covers a large number of topics. Recent topics included in Health Education are:
  • Sex and sexuality
  • Mental health
  • Occupational health education
  • Health communication
  • The arts and health
  • Personal change
  • Healthy eating
  • User involvement
  • Drug and tobacco education
  • Ethical issues in health education
  • Developing the evidence base