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Today, at present stage of huge development in science, internet, and information technology, convenient and efficient online education facilities are also available promptly for school education. Rich and lavish information regarding the online education at higher level in India and abroad, has already been given in ours other articles on the distance education and online education. Now, in ours this article, we are providing refined and highly profitable information about online education schools in india, in the section given below separately.

The online education schools are now quite famous, popular, and amply preferred in developed countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and other European and Asian countries. These education schools online offer school education to homeschoolers from grade Kindergarten to grade 12. These online schools education have proper State, national, or/and international affiliations and recognition regarding their study curriculums and teaching facilities and technologies. Among a large number of online education schools in these countries, some have now acquired international and global appreciation for their high-level of study curriculum, latest distance learning technologies used, and the best possible efficiency and productivity. Some of these best online education schools are described in the section below.

The online education schools offer certain exclusive benefits when compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar schools. First of all, children do not necessarily require to visit schools regularly, which could be situated at a remote distance from their homes. Hence, there are no transportation costs, nor the trammels of keeping accompaniment and due security. Students are free to study in cozy comfort of their home, without the hard and fast discipline and regulations of school authorities. Moreover, students are given special attention individually for better and more concentrated learning process. Again, most of the curriculums followed by education schools online, are of global recognition and acclamation, in order to provide school education of global standards. On the whole, the online education schools provide great saving in time, money, effort, and helplessness of studying homeschoolers, and lavish convenience and support to parents.

Online Education Schools in India

In India, indigenous online education schools are now gradually being established for the above-mentioned purposes. Today, online schooling at home is not quite prominent in India. The school education sector of India has still to develop substantially in the sphere of online education. However, there are many organizations like Britannica Online School Edition, which provide necessary and innovative materials to students and teachers in India to promote good performance in school classes. Consequently, for online school education to children in India, the following options are generally resorted to:

Well-established and immensely popular in California (USA), International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA, provides fully accredited online study programs (Grades K-12) to school students located worldwide, and grants California High School Diplomas. Mess Distance Learning Program, is another distance learning program for school education ranging from Grade 7 to Grade 12, which is based on US curriculum and thus offers High School Diplomas. Sponsored by Mesa Public Schools in Mesa (Arizona, USA), this Mesa Distance Learning Program is now quite prominent worldwide, especially in USA, UK, Australia, and India. The Global Student Network ( is another famous provider of online school curriculums ranging from Kindergarten to grade 12, to the homeschoolers residing in countries worldwide.