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Cardiology Diploma in UK

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Medical profession is a noble profession but you need to work hard and be passionate in order to make it big. There are lots of branches of medical education but one should take a specialization as per one's career goal. Out of all courses, cardiology is one of the most sought after courses..

Every year, thousands of students from all parts of the world are coming to UK to pursue a degree or diploma in cardiology as UK is the global destination for medical students. There are some top medical colleges and universities in UK provide diploma in cardiology.

One can pursue a cardiology diploma as full time and part time basis as per one's time. Here is the list of various cardiology diplomas in UK.

  • M.Sc in Cardiology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Cardiology.
  • Diploma in Cardiology

Most of the students choose a one year full time M.Sc in cardiology program which includes some modules with 20 credits for each module. Here, we are giving a glimpse of each module.

  • Modlue1 : General Cardiology
  • Module2 : Ischaemic heart disease
  • Module3 : Heart failure and cardiomyopathies
  • Module4 : Ischaemic heart disease
  • Module5 : Valvular heart disease and the great vessels
  • Module6 : Dysrhythmias and syncope

A cardiologist will learn more from a reputed medical school at the time of pursuing the diploma therefore, one should choose a college or a university by going through the details of the program. The following universities are providing diploma in cardiology in UK.

  • Oxford University, Medical Science Division
  • Cambridge University, School of Clinical Medicine
  • Edinburgh University, Medical School
  • The University Of Manchester
  • University College Of London, Medical School
  • Imperial College, School Of Medicine
  • University of Leeds, School of Medicine
  • The University Of Nottingham, Faculty Of Medicine
  • King's College London, School of Medicine
  • The University Of Warwick, Medical School