Montessori Education in India

Children of different ages may be allowed to work in the same room. Montessori system of India education today has attained maturity and the Montessori education in India is now quite developed. The schools that follow the Montessori Method in India allow the children to do anything that interest them and the role of the teacher is to help them accomplish their tasks whenever approached.

The primary aim of all the Montessori schools in India has been to develop the child physically, mentally and socially so that they can eventually become responsible persons. Montessori Preschools all over the world use identical equipments with which the children work. In these schools, Montessori training courses are also provided.

However, the reach ofMontessori education in India is limited to the affluent sections of the society and most of the Montessori schools in India are located in cities. But the trend is gradually changing and various Montessori schools are coming up in small towns and cities of India. Now with development of technology and easy availability of internet, online training courses are also been provided.

Indian Montessori Training Courses (IMTC)

The elegant and mild approach of Montessori education for growing children was ingeniously developed and benevolently promoted by the great Italian educator Maria Montessori (1870-1952). This Montessori method of education seeks to encourage and promote the psychological, physical, and natural mental development of the children during their formative years (2-6). Today, the Montessori method of education is quite prominent and popular in most of the developed countries of the world, and is fast gaining grounds in many affluent States of India also. At present, this montessori method of education in india is strikingly famous in the southern States of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The main and most reputed bodies for 'india montessori education', are Indian Montessori Center (IMC), Indian Montessori Association (IMA), and the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). All Montessori schools located in every part of India are well-affiliated to any of these bodies.

The Indian Montessori Center (IMC) is perhaps the most renowned for its Indian Montessori Training Courses (IMTC), for children at ages ranging from two to six years. After the completion of decent montessori education training, children are granted highly-valued diploma certificates, which helps them in getting easy and prioritized admissions to the higher level Montessori schools or any other elementary education schools. Headquartered in Bangalore, the IMC has been conducting highly admired training courses for children and teachers for several decades.