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Health education is one of the major disciplines in modern age education system in every country irrespective caste and religion. Health is the ultimate wealth and true human resource so, it's everybody's responsibility to take proper care when it comes to health and good lifestyle. Nowadays, community health education is very active among different communities and societies across the country. Those are working as a health educators are often called as public health workers and few of them also work in community centers in order to offer advice on healthy lifestyle and well being by taking care of their body and mind.

The wide impact of community health education has opened many avenues for trained and experienced health educators in terms of careers and jobs in various communities. Community health education in India is at its nascent stage but it has been successfully making its reach wider and larger by educating community members.

Community Health Education Careers

A career as a community health educator is immensely gratifying as it's a noble profession of serving people on how to make better choice on healthy living on daily basis in their home or outside.These days, community health workers are getting huge opportunities in terms of jobs and career with handsome salaries. Actually, a qualified health worker can get ten to fifteen thousands of rupees at an initial stage of their career at various community centers or primary health care centers.It's mostly the salary and compensation package of a community health worker depends upon his or her years of experience and reputation. Each community has its own rules and regulations and their target for their community members through different health educational programs.

There has been a quick surge in community health education in all over the world due to its contribution towards society and betterment of the lives of millions of people through various programs and campaigns. One can attend the following community health education programs in order to develop physical and mental health of people.

  • Community health program on nutrition
  • Certificate course on Yoga and Exercise
  • Health education on child care and development

Community health education programs are great ways and mediums to educate millions of uneducated people those are in need of proper information about healthcare studies with a purpose to live a disease free life. Therefore, community health educators are carving a niche for themselves by doing noble service.