CMJ University Faculty

CMJ University offers huge range of courses that are organized under the respective faculties and departments of educations. The faculty of university boasts several academic programs such as M Tech, undergraduates, Post Graduates and Doctorates with marvelous academic and research background in their respective subjects. With the regular and key faculty members, there are also part-time faculty members appointing from Assam Engineering College, Jorhat Engineering College, IIT (G), NEHU (Shillong), NIT (Silchar) and Guwahati University. The university also invite senior and experienced corporate sector executives and engineers to share their worth skills with the students and faculties. The students has also benefited by engaged with senior professors and get supervision and counseling to give their career better path. The faculty also trained by organizing some training program time to time to update with the new development in different technology sectors and assists them to boost their proficiencies in newly introduced courses. Faculties are also supported to take part in temporary courses, conferences, seminars and workshops prearranged in other institutions.