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The Distance Education has been the vital complementary to the campus-based education for decades, for providing education at diverse levels to people residing in native country and beyond. The distance education mode has certain highly impressive and exclusive benefits as compared to the traditional education at schools and colleges, and therefore, this distance education (distance learning education) has been being increasingly popular gradually among students and professionals with certain physical, financial, official, or commercial constraints.

Today, after the advent and advancement in internet and information technology, distance education has emerged out as universally and hugely popular mode of acquiring school education and higher education from the educational institutions located within one's country, or anywhere in the whole world. Therefore, ours this informative and enlightening article provides all-round and extensive information regarding the distance education including topics like distance education online, technologies used in distance learning education, distance education programs, and top institutions offering a variety of distance learning programs.

The Distance Education is the mode of education which is provided to students and professionals who are located remotely, through using mail correspondence or a variety of distance learning technologies, or both. Today, the most prominent and useful technologies for distance learning used commonly by the educational institutions (in addition to the mail correspondence) are Synchronous Learning and Asynchronous Learning. Other hugely and widely used technological methods for distance education are Interactive Audio and Radio Instructions, online virtual worlds (three-dimensional), web casts and webinars, digital games, etc. The synchronous technology delivers education and instruction to remote students gathered at a place at the fixed period of time. On the other hand, in the asynchronous technology study materials and information are provided to individual students as per their individual time schedules and specific requirements.

    Online Distance Education Learning Programs

    The distance education programs are especially cherished by college-studying students, students with financial or other constraints, working professionals, busy businessmen, and physically disabled people. Today, a rather extensive range of courses are offered by the mode of distance education online, utilizing various distance learning technologies mentioned above. Owing to ever-growing popularity of distance learning programs, numerous educational institutions comprising of online universities, open universities, distance learning institutes, and online colleges, offer distance education programs in almost all fields of career and profession to students and professional residing worldwide.

    A large number of such online institutions are well-established in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, India, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, New Zealand, Sweden, and other European and Asian countries. At higher level of education, these distance learning programs are provided at undergraduate, graduate, associate, post-graduate, and doctoral levels, in the following hugely and globally popular fields or subjects:

    All Arts and Humanities subjects; Sciences; Engineering; Scientific and Technological subjects; Business Administration and Management; Social Sciences; Computer Software and Hardware; Information Technology; Journalism and Mass Communication; Internet and Multimedia; Animation; Languages and Literature; Religious Studies; Culinary and Hospitality; Industrial Production and Manufacturing; Accounting; Banking and Finance; Entrepreneurship; Distribution and Marketing; Human Resource Management; Advertisement and Media; Fashion; Computer Information System; Well-being, Health, and Nutrition; Education and Teaching; Vocational and Professional Training; Healthcare and Medicine; Biotechnology; Genetics; Law and Criminal Justice; Medical Assisting; Art and Design; Horticulture and Floriculture; Nursing; and, various other Technical and Non-Technical subjects and fields.