CMJ University Research

The CMJ University is a prominent university and gets much recognition in the field of high standard education and research. The excellence research contributions of its faculty have ensured that the university has leading center of advance learning accepted by UGC. The research is conducted in several disciplines as economics, botany, geology, philosophy, English, commercial studies, linguistic etc. The main objective of university offering innovative and applied research for benefiting all related sectors as health, science, technology, social sciences for optimum development of our country.

The university has also envisioned the proper strategies for the defense of mother earth by forming environment friendly and continual jobs through national as well as global job design policies and vocationalisation of careers by present essential inputs for optimizing the budgets of the central and state governments owed on education and human resource development. The research and development center is also concerned in the development of power throughout wind, vegetable oil, photovoltaic technology etc.

The research programs are based on the guidelines of UGC, the university comprises M Tech by research for outer candidate, M Phil below regular mode and Ph D by research based on entrance test for choice these research oriented degree program. It has also established many research centres to endorse interdisciplinary research on socially applicable issues and better perceptive and interface among the different academic departments.

The wishes of university is to be pioneered in the field of incorporated learning as decided to revamp and alter the existing program right from primary and secondary levels to the tertiary and advanced education levels for making sure national and global development. It has also desire of providing convenient solutions for undertaking any issues such as poverty, pollutions, population explosions, terrorism and many other issues facing by whole world.