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Living in New Zealand

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New Zealand, an island country, is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean including two main landmasses (the North Island & the South Island) and numerous smaller islands, most remarkably Stewart Island & the Chatham Islands.

The citizens of New Zealand enjoyed one of the highest standards of living in the world and until 1970. Now, New Zealand has made several changes and enjoying good living standard which attract foreigners for living in New Zealand.

There are many places to live in New Zealand. You have to find out the best places to live in New Zealand. For this, you can have to take the help from the local property dealers, internet and local people. You have to apply to immigrate as a student, skilled worker, entrepreneur, self-employed person or investor. Every category has firm requirements and the immigration process is complex, taking one year or longer.

There are 12 cities in New Zealand where you can find a place to live in. The best cities to live in New Zealand for international students and workers or professionals are Canterbury, (Christchurch); Canterbury, (Christchurch); Waikato; and Otago.

The cost of living New Zealand varies place to place. It depends on where you select to live in New Zealand. For example, Auckland is a more expensive city in which to live but the further South is the less expensive.

Housing may cost more in Auckland than in Dunedin but the normal employment wage in Auckland will be higher than in Dunedin, so living costs tend to 'balance out', wherever you select to reside. Compared with many other western countries food is cheaper, dining out and most forms of recreation are cheaper, Petrol/Gasoline and cars are cheaper and Power is also cheaper.