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For becoming sponsor, you should be a New Zealand citizen or the holder of a New Zealand residence class visa, an organization, including New Zealand registered companies, incorporated societies, and charitable trusts and a government agency, including government departments and crown entities.

If you are an organization or a government agency, you can only sponsor someone applying for a visitor visa or a work to residence visa under Talent. If you are sponsoring a work to residence visa, you must complete the form Talent.

If you are going to sponsor your family Multiple Entry visitor visa instructions, you must be the relative of the principal applicant. If you are going to sponsoring a spouse to New Zealand you should complete the Form for Partners Supporting Partnership-Based Temporary Entry Applications (INZ 1146). Sponsors must assure to support their relatives or family members for a period to help them settle in New Zealand.

There are several rules & regulations for sponsoring a spouse to New Zealand, sponsorship family to New Zealand etc. The relationship between the Sponsor & the Sponsored Person (the Family Class Immigrant) must be one of Spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner, Parents and Grandparents, dependent children, brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild who is orphaned, under 18 yrs of age & not married or in a common-law relationship, intended adopted child under 18 years of age.

The sponsored person must have a person, who is a New Zealand citizen or a New Zealand Permanent Resident, must demonstrate the financial ability to provide the Family Sponsorship Immigrant and dependents with their essential needs, must be willing to enter into an agreement with the Government of New Zealand or Quebec, and must have either Physical residency in New Zealand. There are certain relations and rules for sponsorship to New Zealand:
  • you are a New Zealand citizen or residence class visa holder
  • you are an incorporated society, registered company or charitable trust
  • you have sufficient funds for the maintenance of the sponsored person for the duration of their intended stay in New Zealand
  • you have sufficient funds to pay for the sponsored person's accommodation, or if you are providing accommodation directly, evidence that you own or have a rental agreement for the property where the sponsored person will stay while in New Zealand
  • you have sufficient funds to pay for the return travel of the sponsored person