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Australia occupies a rich history & culture with a delightful blend of Western, Eastern & Aboriginal influences. Each of these significant influences comes mutually to convey a celebrated diversity & distinctive way of life unparalleled elsewhere in the world. Cosmopolitan cities, rain forests, the rough & tumble outback, villages, and some of the most diverse landscapes found anywhere on the planet draws many foreigners to live in Australia.

Living in Australia offers you to explore open air markets, lounge on the beach, enjoy exquisite international dining, pet a kangaroo and swim in a crocodile's home all in the same day.There are many places to live in Australia. You have to find out the best places to live in Australia. For this you can have to take the help from the local property dealers, internet and local people. You have to apply to immigrate as a student, skilled worker, entrepreneur, self-employed person or investor.

Every category has firm requirements and the immigration process is complex, lasting taking three weeks or longer. There are states and two territories in Australia where you can find a place to live in. The best cities to live in Australia for international students and workers or professionals are Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

The cost of living in Australia is lower than your own country. Australian housing is particularly cheap compared with other nations - the average house price in Australia is around seven times the average annual wage. Prices are highest in Sydney and Melbourne. People moving to Australia with the proceeds of house sales from countries with more expensive housing can often buy a house in Australia with a considerably reduced mortgage.

This leaves more of their income for other activities and lowers their cost of living in Australia. Compared with many other countries food is cheaper, dining out & most forms of recreation are cheaper, Petrol/Gasoline and cars are cheaper and Power is also cheap.