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Australian citizenship is a very important step in your migration to Australia. Becoming Australian citizen reveals that you are making an ongoing commitment to Australia & its people. It is also the beginning of your formal membership of the Australian society. It is the step which enables you to say I am Australian. Australian citizenship offers enormous rewards. You are joining a unique national community by becoming an Australian citizen.

Australia is a democratic country. Australian Citizenship offers you the opportunity to fully participate in building the democratic nation. Applying for Australian Citizenship means that you are ready to fulfill your responsibilities as a member of the Australian society. Australian people believe in the dignity & freedom of each person, the equality of men & women and the rule of law.

Australian citizenship is about living out the above mentioned values in your everyday life. You can get a temporary or Australia residence card after applying for Australia permanent resident. If you want to be an Australian citizen, you must

  • Select the type of application for citizenship which suits your personal circumstances
  • Fulfill the eligibility to apply for your selected application type
  • Collect your original documents that prove your identity, show you are of good character & support your eligibility
  • Complete & lodge your application with the necessary documents and proper application fee
  • Be in good health after submitting completed medical examination report.
  • Complete the age of 16 to apply for an Australia permanent citizenship

The points to apply for PR in Australia vary on one candidate to another and the type of citizenship. As for example, skilled workers are persons with proper education, age, work experience, and language abilities under one of official languages & who are chosen as permanent residents under six selection factors demonstrating their likelihood to be economically settled in Australia. Applicants are evaluated under 6 factors & numerous sub factors of assessment providing for 120 points.