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Schools in Australia

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Schools in Australia help students in developing self confidence, communication skills, problem solving skills and respect for themselves and the society in which they live. All schools in Australia follow their responsibilities to students and provide all types of learning supports. They offer their students regular encouragement and supervision.

The schools of Australia are considered the places for personal, emotional and intellectual development. The schools in Australia offer students regular class work and offer feedback to the parents about their children's progress and class behavior. Parents also have right to access the information about their children's progress and well being.

The education at schools in Australia starts at preparatory level to 12 years of primary and secondary school. The schools of Australia are government owned and private owned and have to follow the framework of national curriculum to maintain the quality and equality of education across the country. Australia schools offer education in eight learning areas including English, the language other than English, Math, Social & Environmental Studies, Science, Arts, Technology, Personal Development, Health and Physical Development. The schools of Australia teach students about the value of linguistic diversity & culture.

The secondary schools in Australia offer education in specialized subjects. Subjects may vary from one school to another. Specialized subjects at the secondary schools in Australia may include law, graphic design, psychology, computing, aviation, drama and many others. There are various schools in Australia. The list of schools in Australia includes all the schools in national capital and in the states of Australia. The list of schools in Australia is available as the list of schools in national capital and the list at state level. Some of them are top schools in Australia. James Ruse at secondary level, Sydney Grammar School, Tintern Girls Grammar School, and Macedon Primary School are some of best schools in Australia.