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Christian Schools in Australia

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Christian Schools in Australia are established by Roman Catholic and Protestant. Many changes have been occurred in Christian schools in Australia since 19th century. All Christian schools follow national curriculum and offer a good education to students. Christian schools offer education from primary to senior secondary.

The Christian schools in Australia are considered as the places for emotional, personal, and intellectual development. They offer students usual class work and offer feedback to the parents about their children's progress & class behavior. Parents also have the right to access the information about their children's progress and well being.

As there are a large number of schools in Australia, parents get confused to select the school for their children. The list of top Christian schools in Australia can help parents a lot. The best Christian schools in Australia are located at all major cities of the country like Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane etc. As for examples, Anglican Church Grammar School, St Hilda's School etc are some of the best Christian schools in Australia.

Children & their parents have to meet the requirements for applying to Christian schools in Australia. The eligibility criteria depend on Christian School and the child. The children or students have to meet the requirements. They may have to appear for the written test. The written test is based on the standard in which the student is going to apply. Courses offered by Christian schools in Australia compromise of eight learning areas including English, the language other than English, Math, Social & Environmental Studies, Science, Arts, Technology, Personal Development, Health and Physical Development. These are for those schools which offer secondary school education. Christian Schools providing senior secondary education offer specialization in a particular area.

List of Christian schools in Australia

  • Arndell Anglican School
  • Bob Hughes Christian School
  • Carinya Christian School
  • Coffs Harbour Christian Community School
  • Covenant Christian School
  • Coverdale Christian School
  • Gosford Christian School
  • Heritage Christian School
  • Lindisfarne Anglican School
  • Lakeside Christian College
  • Mosman Church of England Preparatory School
  • Mt St Joseph School
  • Northern Beaches Christian School
  • St Andrew's Cathedral School
  • St Luke's Grammar School
  • St Paul's Grammar School
  • Christ Church Grammar School
  • St Mark's Anglican Community School
  • St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School
  • Canberra Christian School
  • St Francis Xavier High School
  • St John Vianney's Primary School
  • Christian Brothers College
  • St Catherine's School
  • St Paul's Anglican Grammar School
  • Geelong Grammar School
  • Anglican Church Grammar School
  • St. Aidan's Anglican Girls School