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Arts Schools in Australia

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Australia has a very important place in higher education due to its performance in all areas of education. Australian education system offers courses at international standard and earned degrees from Australian universities are recognized all over the world. It is also true for Arts schools in Australia.

The arts schools in Australia offer an extraordinary educational experience which enlightens self confidence and prepare students to think separately. You will be taught by subject experts and will be trained to face the employment opportunities based on your choice because arts schools in Australia are governed and reviewed by the government, industry experts and professional bodies. They asked the arts schools to maintain the level of education.

There are a large number of arts schools in Australia. The arts schools in Australia are of many categories like top, best etc. The top arts schools in Australia are Queensland College of Art, Victorian College of the Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, Berry Art School, Design College Australia, and National Art School. The Arts schools in Australia offer diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in arts including subjects like History, business, design, fine arts, music etc.

You have to meet the eligibility criteria for applying to arts schools in Australia. If you want to earn a bachelor degree you should go for arts schools in Australia for undergraduates. The arts schools in Australia for undergraduates offer courses like Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Journalism etc. And if you have done your graduation & want to go ahead you can apply to postgraduate arts schools in Australia. The postgraduate arts schools in Australia offer courses like Master of Arts, Master of Journalism, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Music etc.

List of arts schools in Australia

  • Queensland College of Art
  • Commercial Arts Training College
  • Brisbane College of Photography and Art
  • School of Drama, Art & Music - Newcastle
  • Tasmanian School of Art
  • Victorian College of the Arts - Fine Art Dept
  • Shillington College - Graphic Design Courses
  • Hunter Institute
  • Latrobe College of Art
  • Sydney College of the Arts
  • Australian International College of Art
  • Berry Art School
  • The College of Fine Arts - UNSW
  • Sydney Community College
  • South Australian School of Art
  • Design College Australia
  • National Art School
  • Arts Academy-Centre for Visual Arts
  • Australian Academy of Design