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Boarding Schools in Australia

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Schools play a pivotal role in primary as well as secondary education and prepare students go for higher education in different areas. The schools help students in developing self confidence, communication skills, problem solving skills and respect for themselves and the society in which they live.

The schools are of various types like day school, boarding school, private school etc. Boarding schools offer residential education at primary and secondary levels. The boarding schools in Australia are the places for emotional, personal, and intellectual development. They offer students regular class work and offer feedback to the parents about their children's progress and class behavior. Parents also have right to access the information about their children's progress and well being.

As there are various boarding schools in Australia, parents get confused to select the school for their children. The list of top boarding schools in Australia can help parents a lot. The best boarding schools in Australia are located at all major cities of the country like Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane etc. As for examples, Canberra Grammar School, Anglican Church Grammar School, St Hilda's School etc are some of the best boarding schools in Australia.

Children & their parents have to meet the requirements for applying to boarding schools in Australia. The eligibility criteria, age etc depend on the boarding school and the child. The children or students have to meet the requirements. They may have to appear for the written test. The written test is based on the standard in which the student is going to apply. Courses offered by boarding schools in Australia are related to eight learning areas including English, the language other than English, Math, Social & Environmental Studies, Science, Arts, Technology, Personal Development, Health and Physical Development. These are for those boarding schools which offer secondary school education.

List of boarding schools in Australia

  • Canberra Girls' Grammar School
  • Canberra Grammar School
  • Abbotsleigh
  • All Saints' College
  • Ballarat Grammar School
  • Genazzano FCJ College
  • Girton Grammar School
  • Huntingtower School
  • Methodist Ladies' College
  • Presbyterian Ladies' College
  • Scotch College
  • St Catherine's School
  • The Peninsula School
  • Tintern Schools
  • Toorak College
  • Trinity Grammar School
  • Abergowrie College
  • All Souls & St Gabriels School
  • Anglican Church Grammar School
  • Blackheath & Thornburgh College
  • Brisbane Boys' College
  • Clayfield College
  • Dalby Christian School
  • Ipswich Girls' Grammar School
  • Rockhampton Girls' Grammar School
  • St Hilda's School
  • The Cathedral School
  • Townsville Grammar School
  • Christ Church Grammar School
  • Great Southern Grammar
  • Guildford Grammar School
  • St Hilda's Anglican School