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If you do not speak English fluently or you wish to learn another language, you can enroll in a language course at numerous language schools to study English in Canada. There are many English language schools in all cities & large towns, but the majority offering concentrated courses, are in the major important cities of Canada.

Many adult & further education institutions offer English courses & many universities of Canada offer summer and holiday English language courses. Colleges & universities often run an English Language Program, for those whose native language is not English

There are many facilities offered by the government to study English in Canada for international students. Many educational coaching centers, colleges and universities run a program as English as a second language for international students. The program, English as a second language, help a lot to the international students to study English in Canada. Study English in Canada fee varies from one institute to another. Study English courses vary in length.

They range from one week to six months and cater for all age groups. Full-time, part-time & evening courses are offered by most schools, and many also offer residential courses. Study English in Canada fees at a community college are around $250 to $350 for ten weeks (two classes a week of 3 to 4 hours).

For studying English in Canada, you will have to meet the study English in Canada requirements. You should have a visa for study in Canada. You have also to get study permit for long term English courses. You'll have to the English program and the type of English classes. You should be able to pay the fees of the English program. You will have to get an HRSDC Confirmation.