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Distance Learning Diploma in Computer Programming

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In this age of highly developed computers and information technology, the field of computer programming is one of the core, vital, and rather progressive field, anywhere in the whole world. Hence, requirements for computer programmers at varying professional hierarchies have been ever-present and ever-growing, in all concerned companies and firms.

To cater to this ever-increasing demand of computer programmers in the world over, today, a variety of online courses in computer programming are also available, in addition to the campus-based courses. Here, in ours this particular web article, we are presenting the detailed and very beneficial information about the distance learning diploma in computer programming, exclusively.

The computer programming is concerned with writing certain set of instructions for desired functioning of any particular computer program. The computer programmers apply expertly and ingeniously the principles of the computer science and technology and their knowledge of programming languages, for writing, designing, debugging, testing, implementing, or improving computer programs and applications, for specific uses in different sectors of occupation and economy. Computer programming is really a broad-spectrum field, and therefore, offers a variety of specializations, such as in programming business applications, operating systems, computer networking, animation and game designing, security software designing, and so on.

In general, a computer programming diploma covers the topics of the common and popular computer programming languages such as C++ and java, computer database management, artificial intelligence, operating systems, advanced algorithms, software project management, networking, network security, and designing of operating system or security software. The following positions are accessible after doing a diploma in computer programming and further higher level courses in this field:
  • Computer Programmer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Database Administrator

With adequate work experience and necessary higher studies, a diligent computer programmer can easily start working as an intelligent Computer Software Engineer.

Advantages of Pursuing Diploma in Computer Programming through Distance Learning

A distance learning diploma in computer programming can easily enable students and other individuals for building a bright and well-paying career in this ever-progressive and glamorous field. Working students, occupied persons, or the unemployed persons, are also well-facilitated by this online course to obtain an additional qualification pertinent to their respective career, or to start a sideline occupation. Moreover, the duration of the course (can range from about 1 year to 2 years) is conveniently short and suitable, and can be completed flexibly and quite cost-effectively, as compared to the campus-based diploma course.

Again, the possible employments are not limited only to the fields of computer science and information technology, but are also present in the sectors of professions, finance, business and commerce, manufacturing, and services. At last, the curriculum of the online diploma course is elegant enough to generate deep and creative understanding, and innovative analytical skills in students, besides offering necessary programming knowledge and expertise for a variety of computer applications in diverse sectors.

For acquiring an internationally appreciated online computer programming diploma, the following universities are at present most reputed and popular:
  • Colorado Technical University
  • Ashworth College
  • University of Phoenix
  • Walden University
  • Kaplan University
  • American InterContinental University
  • Baker College Online
  • Penn Foster Career School
  • Ontario College
  • Kakatiya University

Eligibility for Pursuing Diploma in Computer Programming through Distance Learning

For finding admission to any online diploma course in computer programming, the interested candidate must have passed 10+2 level of higher secondary education, or its equivalent, with subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English. Knowledge of basics in computers will be highly desirable qualities. Polytechnic students pertaining to any of the fields of the electronics, electrical, computer hardware and software, telecommunications, etc, are also fully suitable for joining an online diploma course in computer programming offered by the above-mentioned universities. The working professionals may need to submit permission letter of their respective employers, for the purpose of joining the online diploma course.