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The Distance Education Council (DEC) of India, established and empowered under the IGNOU Act of 1985, is the supreme body for promoting and regulating the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system of the whole country.

This distance education council in india is primarily and exclusively responsible for providing visionary and contemporary policies, determination of the standards for teaching and evaluation, offering necessary technical and financial support to SOUs and CCIs, maintaining perfect coordination among these, facilitating and promoting high-quality education and training, and doing every other things suitable for the best possible distance education in the whole country of India. Hence, the distance education council is of paramount importance in connection with distance education in all across India. Therefore, for informational purposes to our visitors including students, professionals, educators, and other people and entities concerned with the education sector of India, ours this article provides exclusive and refined information regarding the distance education council (DEC) of India in the below paragraphs.

Today, distance education mode is becoming highly and greatly popular fast among students and professionals in various fields of profession, business, industry, and service sectors, everywhere in the world, essentially including India. This pivotal fact further enhances the great importance and effectiveness of the distance education council of India in all future times to come.

All diverse responsibilities and functions of the distance education council are described separately in the section below. The technical support of DEC includes help for establishment of sound technological infrastructure for distance education, computerization and networking for quality enhancement, usage of the latest distance learning technologies for the best possible quality education, and development of highly professional education and technologically perfect training.

Distance Education Council Guidelines in India

The Distance Education Council of India provides perfect and innovative academic and professional guidelines to educators and institutions engaged in offering distance education programs, for the best possible quality, accessibility, distance learning technologies, harmonious and synergic coordination and cooperation among open universities and ODLIs, in order to provide exquisite and world-class distance education courses in India. The following are the most significant distance education council guidelines:

  • To encourage and facilitate State Governments and conventional universities for providing distance education courses at diverse levels.
  • Providing financial support to State Open Universities (SOUs) and Correspondence Course Institutes (CCIs) for furthering distance education courses and programs, including seminars
  • Offering necessary technical support (mentioned above) to ODLIs and Open Universities
  • Formulation and regulation of norms, policies, procedures, and academic guidelines regarding curriculum, courses, admissions, evaluation, and certification
  • To ensure appropriate quality of distance education as per contemporary global standards
  • Helping in establishment of synergic cooperation and coordination among distance education institutions
  • To facilitate the usage of latest synchronous and asynchronous distance learning technologies for superb and most effective education
  • To promote proper education, training, research, and innovation in the Open and Distance Learning systems
  • To encourage student support services by distance education institutions
  • To devise plans and facilitate trainings for indigenous capacity building for better distance education system in the country