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Distance education is a flexible mode of imparting education to the students. Distance education bridges the distance between student and classroom.This economical and result oriented programme has proved to be a boon for all the individuals who have desire to learn but don't have access to education.

This kind of qualitative education helps in the growth of self motivated individuals to learn and complete work at any time without the pressure of class room. Practical and theoretical knowledge always supports each other. While engaging in other important activity, which could be job or any other important work, one can pursue degree courses through distance learning. This would help in growing professionally with the support of education.

Now days traditional distance learning courses are equally supported by professional courses which means pursuing professional courses is also possible through distance education, which includes mass communication, BCA, MBA and other graduate and under graduate courses. Distance Education is blessed with different benefits due to which it is becoming an increasingly popular way to obtain education at different stages.

It is a time saving mode of education providing qualitative education which means commuting time is totally vanished. It provides an opportunity to student to complete the work load any time as per his convenience. It helps individual adapting new technologies and environment. While pursuing education of your choice you don’t need to stay back in same city or location. You can study from anywhere to anywhere. Sometimes, while working you need some sort of qualitative and professional education to grow in your career, but it is not possible to devote time in class rooms and interact with teachers due to hectic work schedule that time distance education helps.

In India distance education is very popular among people as they allow individual from remotest area, inaccessible hilly areas, women and girls to continue studies without any problem. In nutshell we can say that distance education is contributing in the growth and development of the country by increasing the literacy rate.

Distance Learning Education Degree Programs

Ace-quality, rather prolific, and internationally appreciated distance learning degrees are now immensely useful for getting rich and bright employment in any country, native or foreign. These distance learning education degrees are now available in a fathomlessly extensive range of subjects belonging to almost all technical and non-technical fields. Hence, today, the distance learning education degree programs are immensely popular by students and professionals residing in countries worldwide, especially by the working students, professionals, and business persons and executives.

These distance learning education degrees are obtainable at undergraduate, associate, graduate, and postgraduate levels, from universities located in countries worldwide, especially in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, France, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Germany, etc. Today, the most prominent, popular, and commonly preferred distance learning degree programs are in the subjects of Business Management, Engineering and Technology, Computer Information Technology, Education and Teaching, Healthcare, Information Technology, Nursing, Psychology, Public Administration, Internet and Multimedia, Tourism and Hospitality, Law and Paralegal, Mass Communication and Journalism, and many other subjects and fields of contemporary importance.

The following online universities are ranked among the best, hugely popular, and most reputed institutions for world-class distance learning degree programs at present:
  • Kaplan University
  • Ashford University
  • Walden University
  • Post University
  • American InterContinental University
  • Colorado State University-Global Campus
  • Western Governors University
  • DeVry University
  • Northeastern University
  • Drexel University