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Distance Education Degrees in India

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Distance education degrees in India are like much of the industry, on the rise. With rising availability and reduced costs many are finding that course offered by Indian based universities and colleges are less pricey while still offering an excellent education.

Distance education in India has developed in fame over the previous few years. in fact a big number of individuals get their degree from anywhere from his remote location. Many people who are looking to add their careers are heading back to college for their masters degree or other “educational programs&rdquo. While some others who in the past have not had the chance to attend college now have that very option with effective learning course. Distance education in India master's degrees are generally chosen by working individuals, or by those who do not reside in the same place as the university that offers the course.

Distance education degrees programs or courses in India offers quality, flexibility and a qualified education, making them a practical option for working individuals wanting to obtain a master's degree. Distance Education chiefly relates to correspondence courses wherein the students are not attending normal classes and yet continue their studies. Though, the course contents, period, manner of examination and Degree awarded are the same as applicable to regular students. A distance education in India graduate degree is very helpful and useful for the people who live in rural areas or working somewhere and not able to attend the classes every day. Distance education provides the graduate, masters or doctorate degrees courses in several disciplines, namely Arts, Science and Commerce.

On this passage, thus, we have attempted to provide you complete information about distance education degrees in India that offers various distance-learning degree courses and programs. Distance education provide the several of degrees course: fashion apparel design,, bachelor of academic laws, bachelor of bank mgt, bachelor of business mgt, bachelor of business mgt, bachelor of business admin, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Communication & amp; Journalism, Bachelor of Computer Application, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Foreign Trade,Mechanical Engineering and much more.

Distance education India

Distance education in India there has been enlarge students to get admission for distance education courses. The enrolling in regular University courses have become highly competitive due to few number of seats available in particular professional courses. Distance Education Council is an organization liable for the promotion and coordination of the Open University and distance education system and for determination of its standards in India. There are many universities and colleges in India that are offering different types of distance education degree courses to meet the needs the students from different fields.

Distance education abroad

There are two different trends shaping up: On one hand, the US and European governments are tightening visa and travel restrictions, on the other hand, demand for western education has seen a marked surge from around the globe. To provide to this demand, universities and educational institutions are offering distance education, part-time educational courses and, e-learning and online degrees. Distance education in abroad is very popular in now.

Below is the list of distance education degrees in Masters, Bachelors courses in India
  • B.Sc
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Academic Laws
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Business Admin
  • B.Sc. Fashion Apparel Design
  • Bachelor of Bank Mgt
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Foreign Trade
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Communication Journalism
  • Bachelor of Commerce(Honours)
  • Bachelor of Business Mgt
  • Bachelor of Computer Application
  • Mechanical Engineering Correspondence Degree
  • Bachelor of Literature
  • Bachelor of General Law
  • Bachelor of Journalism
  • Bachelor of Information Sciences
  • Bachelor of Corporate Secretaryship
  • Bachelor of Law (Academic)
  • Bachelor of Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Marketing Mgt
  • Bachelor of Horticulture Science
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Journalism Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Library Information Science
  • Bachelor of Physical Education
  • Civil Engineering Correspondence Degree
  • Electrical Electronics Engineering Correspondence Degree