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Accredited and highly prolific distance education programs are fast becoming highly popular among engaged students and working professionals, for acquiring convenient and prosperous degrees in their respective career fields. This situation is everywhere in the whole world, inevitably including fast developing country of India.

The most prominent countries of the world, where the distance education programs have been greatly popular among people of all commercial, professional, industrial, and service sectors, are USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, India, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, and various other Asian and European countries. In ours this enlightening article, we are offering detailed and highly productive information regarding the distance education programs in india, in the below paragraphs.

India's vast and well-developed educational infrastructure has been constantly refining in connection with the distance education in past several years. The number of institutions offering distance programs at diverse academic and professional levels in a rather wide-range of subjects and fields, has been regularly growing in all across India. At present, out of a total of more than 250 distance education institutions in India, about 175 are active full-fledged. Among these highly successful and creditable institutions some 30 are immensely famous and reputed nationwide and also internationally. The Distance Education Council of India offers well-rounded and innovative support to these distance education institutions of India, regarding up-gradation, regulation, and refinement of their curriculums and educational courses. Information regarding the most famous and popular distance education programs in India is given exclusively in the separate section below.

Distance Education Programs in India

Rich and refined distance education programs in india are provided at undergraduate, graduate, associate, post-graduate, and doctoral levels in the following extensive and all-encompassing range of subjects and fields. These internationally commended distance education programs are offered by a large number of Open Universities, Open and Distance Learning Institutes (ODLIs), and numerous private distance education colleges and universities, established in all across the entire country. Today, seeing the ever-growing popularity of distance education programs, some of the most prestigious institutes of India like IITs and IIMs, are also providing several distance learning courses in sciences, engineering and technology, management, and other scientific fields. For getting information regarding the most reputed distance education institutes in India, please refer to ours other articles bearing similar titles in this website. High-quality distance education programs offered by Indian institutions cover most of the highly appreciated and favorite subjects and fields in countries worldwide. These recognized distance education programs are easily and economically available in the following highly productive and prolific fields:

Science subjects; Arts and Humanities subjects; Engineering and Technology disciplines; Accounts and Commerce; Law and Legal; Business Management; Education and Teaching; Journalism and Mass Communication; Information Technology; Social Sciences; some streams of Medical science; Entrepreneurship; Distribution and Supply Chain; Sales and Marketing; Clerical, Secretarial, and Administration; e-Business and Commerce; Culinary and Hospitality; Health and Nutrition; Healthcare and Medicine; Insurance; Nursing; Medical Assisting; Hospital Administration; Pharmaceuticals; Biotechnology; Industrial and Public Relations; Advertising; International Business; Entertainment Media; Sports; Fashion; Internet and Multimedia; Animation; Telecommunication; Computer Hardware and Software; Travel and Tourism; Languages and Literature; Religious Studies; Scientific Research; Banking and Finance; Vocational and Professional Training; Fine Art and Design; Horticulture; Floriculture; Genetics; and various other scientific, technical, and non-technical fields.